The partnership of Hampshire councils responsible for collecting and disposing of residents’ waste is warning motorists of the dangers of reckless driving around bin collection crews and their vehicles.

With an estimated 30,000 incidents of dangerous driving around waste collection lorries in the UK each month, the new campaign run by Project Integra (which is made up of Hampshire County Council, Southampton and Portsmouth City Councils, Hampshire’s 11 district and borough councils and Veolia) urges motorists to consider the consequences of hazardous road manoeuvres.

In a recent 12 week study by Project Integra partner, Eastleigh Borough Council, 102 cars were seen driving with two wheels on the pavement to get around a collection lorry, while a staggering 28 cars were seen with all four wheels on the pavement.

Not only were these drivers breaking the law but they were also putting their life in danger, as well as that of waste teams and pedestrians.

Chris Noble, head of Project Integra and a member of Project Integra’s Common Approach to Safety and Health group - leading the campaign, said: "Reckless drivers not only put the collection crews at risk, but also pedestrians, other road users and the drivers themselves.

"It’s sad to hear that many bin crews have come to expect having to dodge dangerous drivers as part of their job.

"It is one of the reasons why many collection vehicles are now fitted with 360-degree cameras which can record instances of dangerous driving, which can be sent to Hampshire Police to pursue prosecutions.

"Waste collection times and routes are carefully planned to coincide with the least busy traffic times across Hampshire, so if you know they are going to be in your area that day, please leave extra time for your journey, drive carefully and pass any bin lorries you see safely.

"Waste collectors will make every effort to let traffic pass when safe and practical to do so."