TUG-of-love mother Sarra Fotheringham was back at her Camberley home on April 4 after the kidnap charges against her in Dubai were dropped.

Mrs Fotheringham, 34, flew into Heathrow with friend Donya Al Nahi, who was also freed, to an emotional reunion with husband Neil and their children.

The two women were arrested on March 11 after attempting to smuggle Sarra's son Tariq on to a ferry bound for Iraq.

Sarra and Neil had fought a two-and-a-half year custody battle with Tariq's natural father Rashid Al Habtoor, a Dubai billionaire.

Mrs Fotheringham had been facing a maximum of three years in jail if convicted of the kidnap offence.

Donya Al Nahi was charged with being an accomplice in the bid to snatch Tariq and had faced a similar sentence if convicted.

But Rashid Al Habtoor dropped the charges against both women, leaving them free to return home.

Mrs Fotheringham said that being home left her with a "double-edged" feeling of happiness at being reunited with her family here, and sadness that she had to leave Tariq behind.

However, she declined to comment further as she said part of the agreement between her and Rashid in terms of her seeing Tariq in the future was that she did not speak to the media.

Sarra had flown out to Dubai despite husband Neil's reservations that the mission would be too dangerous.

During a previous interview, Neil had said: "I wasn't happy with my wife doing something as dangerous as this.

"She has always loved Tariq so strongly and was desperate to see him, and I know that if I fought against her it would have been counter-productive, so I said I would offer her as much support as possible."

Tariq is living with Mr Al Habtoor in Dubai after courts in England ruled they had no jurisdiction over the custody.

A case heard in Dubai also ruled in favour of Mr Al Habtoor and after the failed attempt to snatch Tariq it looks certain that he will remain with his father.