AN advertising and marketing agency decided to go for youth and hired a 13-year-old member of staff for the day.

Fleet-based Cramm Francis Woolf took part in the national ‘Take Our Daughters To Work’ day.

The national programme, sponsored by the Women & Equality Unit and the DTI, enables a daughter to go to work with her mother, a relative or friend.

The programme aims to give girls hands-on experience of the workplace and the opportunity to interview at least one employee about his

or her career history and present role — with a view to widening horizons and help in longer-term career decisions.

Kimberley Newport spent a day at Cramm Francis Woolf, an advertising and marketing agency in Albert Street, Fleet, where her mother Victoria works. During the day she helped various staff members and interviewed a variety of workers including Samantha Kennedy, group account director, who oversees many of the agency’s clients.

Kimberley said she had a fantastic day, especially in the agency’s creative department where advertising campaigns are designed.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the big Apple Mac computers,” she said. “They were absolutely huge.”

Her mother Victoria said: “I was amazed at how much Kimberley took in. When she got home, she read the interview she took with Sam Kennedy like a fascinating story.

“It was a very worthwhile experience and the results will appear in her school’s open day.”