I WOULD like to relate one act of kindness and perhaps alert readers to the signs of diabetic hypoglaecemia or low blood sugar.

Whilst on my way back across Yateley Common from the Ely public house, after a pint, I suffered an attack which prevented me walking in a co-ordinated manner and could appear to any bystander as if I was drunk.

I should have known better, but did not have any glucose on me, and as it was an isolated spot the consequences could have been serious until a gentleman from the Darby Green area walking his dog first got me a chocolate snack, and when this failed to revive me phoned for medical help and waited at the A30 exit to get the ambulance driver's attention.

I would like to thank this gentleman and all medical staff who dealt with me. I hope that I would react in the same way if somebody appeared drunk or aggressive but was perhaps just a diabetic needing help.

KJ Winkworth, Green Lane, Frogmore.