With our full attention on Iraq, some real threats to Britain are, as usual, coming from the EU superstate.

Tony Blair has just proposed a huge increase in the powers of the EU's key institutions.

He has also called for a full time EU "super-president," an executive leader to rival the status of the US president.

A set of proposals, jointly put together with Spain, also suggest a foreign minister for the EU, in charge of the EU army and the EU diplomats.

There will be massive new powers for the commission to control economic policy and the Charter of Fundamental Rights will be legally binding, with what Conservative MEP David Heathcote-Amory described as "dire consequences for our legal system."

What Blair is presiding over, as we watch him prance about the world stage pretending to be a great statesman, is the total destruction of Great Britain as an independent, sovereign country. It will shortly no longer have power to even decide to go to war - or not to; to decide on its own finances or even say what our own foreign policy will be.

You can kiss goodbye to what used to be called democracy - and just wait until the Germans latch on to the idea that they can again get their long desired "strong leader."

There is even a draft law in Brussels which could lead to the baning of political parties which the EU doesn't approve of - like the U.K. Independence Party. The EU wants pan-European parties as part of its planned superstate. These cross-border parties would be funded by the EU- in other words you, dear reader - to the tune of £5.6 million a year to help them "contribute to forming a European awareness."

Small, anti EU parties operating in single countries will get nothing- and could be banned entirely in the near future.

Nigel Farage, an MEP for UKIP for this area, commented that he was proud to be disqualified from getting such funding: "I certainly don't respect the primacy of EU law and I think the EU charter is downright dangerous because article 52 gives Brussels powers to suspend civil liberties," he said.

The EU is stepping up its programme of brainwashing the young by making sure schools have fake Euros to teach young children maths - yet another plank of their major propaganda exercise in schools, which includes an EU bus going from school to school giving one side of the EU argument - rather like the BBC, in fact.

Remember when we went into the EU and were lied to and told it was "only a trading arrangement"?

The EU constitution is currently being written and comes into force next year. It will be binding on all EU members and will render our own constitution almost meaningless. Once we are in both that and the Euro there is no getting out or going back. Just ask the Germans, fretting about eleven per cent unemployment and a stagnant economy. About which they can do.….nothing.

How much longer there will be freedom to write anti - EU columns like this is a moot point. It could well be classed as xenophobia under new EU laws and I could find myself in a re-education camp or worse.

You have been warned. Now it's over to you. Start by arming yourself with information - here's how.

My wife Pat reviewed a remarkable book in December, in a story which I headlined "A Hampshire writer's defence of our liberty."

The book, "Vigilance" by Ashley Mote, tells in stunning detail how Britain's sovereignty has been illegally given away and how we are fast becoming just a region of the superstate of Europe.

We said it was a book every patriot should get - but the problem was, where? Readers tried unsuccessfully in bookshops, and called me for help. Author Ashley Mote now tells me that the book is available from Tanner Management, PO Box 67, Petersfield, Hants,GU32 3YQ, for £12.95 including p and p. I am happy to pass this on to all those who have called and e-mailed.

Finally, a good laugh at the "green industry," which also specialises in non-stop propaganda based on the principles of Orwell's "Ministry of Truth" - which specialised in lies.

According to a group of leading Swedish environmentalists, recycling household waste is a load of-rubbish.

They say the cars queuing at the tip to recycle half a dozen bottles are wasting their time and argue that burning cardboard, plastics and food leftovers is better for the environment and the economy than recycling.

The five, who include green heavyweights like the former head of the government's environmental agency, also say that separating rubbish for refuse collection - something on which local councils spend millions - is also a waste of time and money.

Saying that burning rubbish makes most sense, the five, in a ground-breaking article in Sweden, point out that used bottles and glass cost twice as much as raw materials - basically sand - and recycling plastics is uneconomical when they can simply be burned, creating electricity. The glass mixed with slag residue is good for landfill, while cans can be removed by magnets. It shows we should look more carefully at all current trendy beliefs before changing our way of life to follow the latest whim. And as for global warming - tell that theory to those on America's East Coast and Midwest, currently digging out from under the worst snowfalls for years…….