LABOUR will have its first town councillor in Sandhurst for 20 years after the May elections as a result of a Conservative mistake that saw one of their nominees fail to get his papers in in time.

Coun. Michael Brossard, who would have stood for one of the six Little Sandhurst seats, was away on business when he realised that he was about to miss the deadline.

Tory Leader Coun. Paul Bettison said on Tuesday: "It is very sad because Michael has been a very good councillor for 11 years."

His replacement will be either former Bracknell councillor Jack Delbridge or Mr Jonathan Keen.

Sandhurst Liberal Democrats, who controlled the town council during the late Nineties, are fielding only three candidates. Headed by former Mayor Ray Earwicker they will try to regain their former College Town stronghold while in other Sandhurst seats opposition to the Conservatives comes from Labour plus one candidate from each of the Green and UK Independence Parties.

Nominations: (all seats are Conservative held).

CENTRAL SANDHURST (six seats): Lawrence Boxall (UKIP), Teresa Burchnall-Wood (Green), Donald Craig, Roger Lindley, Elizabeth North, Peter North, Diana Pidgeon, Bob Piggin (all Conservative), Sylvia Trevis (Lab).

OWLSMOOR (six seats): Sylvia Balls, John Blowfield, Norman Bowers, Audrey Shephard, Richard Thomas, David Worrall (all Conservative), Brian Wilson (Lab).

COLLEGE TOWN (six seats); Nick Allen, Robert Blair, Carole Cupper, Dorothy Pearce, Margaret Simonds, Ray Simonds (all Conservative), Ray Earwicker, Peter Hodge, Stephen Pope (all LD).

LITTLE SANDHURST (six seats): Jean Bettison, Paul Bettison, Dale Birch, Adrian Ronca, Nick Skinner (all Conservative), Jack Delbridge, Jonathan Keen (both Lab).


TWO former Sandhurst Mayors, Ray Earwicker and David Mohammed, are bidding for Sandhurst seats in the Bracknell Forest elections next month. The Conservatives are defending all eight seats. Nominations: Little Sandhurst & Wellington (two seats): Paul Bettison and Dale Birch (Con), Jack Delbridge and Jonathan Keen (Lab); College Town (two seats): Robert Edger and Ray Simonds (Con), Ray Earwicker and Peter Hodge (LD); Owlsmoor (two seats): Richard Thomas and David Worrall (Con), David Mohammed (LD), Brian Wilson (Lab & Co-Op); Central Sandhurst (two seats): Peter North and Alan Ward (Con), Lawrence Boxall (UKIP), Teresa Burchnall-Wood (Green), Stephen Pope (LD), Sylvia Trevis (Lab & Co-Op).