UPSET pupils from Cove Infant School have written to the News to highlight the damage that mindless vandals caused to their much loved school pond.

The children were devastated when they arrived at school one morning to find that the wildlife area of the pond had been targeted.

Logs, cans and crisp packets had been thrown into the water, ruining the hard work of the children and teachers.

Headteacher Jan Sampson said that many of the pupils were upset and could not understand why the culprits had done it.

“The pond area plays an important role in the children’s education and they enjoy having lessons in that area.

“The vandals poured oil or similar fluid into the water and there was a lot of frogspawn in the pond at the time.

“They also cut some trees and pulled down bird boxes, which the children had been filling every day as part of the RSPB bird watch programme.

“I spoke to the children and some of them wanted to let people know what had happened and I suggested writing to the paper.”

Children from Year 2 sent in colourful letters to let the vandals know the true effect of their actions.

One reads: “We loved the pond area because we did most of our work in it. The newts are dying. The bird feeders have been smashed. All the animals are dying. The whole school is so sad.”

Another angry pupil said: “I am writing because everybody should have the right to know. I am very unhappy. Everything in the pond is dead and nothing lives in there any more.”