DO you have a son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter who suffers from asthma and/or eczema and who would benefit from a holiday?

Following the untimely death of our daughter Sarah, in October 2001, we set up a trust fund in her name and with the interest raised from the fund intended to sponsor children to attend holidays run by PEAK (Project Eczema Asthma Kids) part of the National Asthma Campaign.

Sarah was a nursery nurse and had worked in many of the local nurseries as well as the special care baby unit at Frimley Park Hospital.

She was a student nurse at the hospital at the time of her death and was very involved in the work of the PEAK charity having herself attended a holiday in her teens.

She became a volunteer and helped on many of the children’s holidays.

This is the first year of funding and we would really like to sponsor a local child to attend a week long holiday in Taunton during August.

For further details please contact Patrick Ladbury, PEAK manager on 020 77045892 or e-mail

Rose and Mike Leonard


(address supplied)