I have to agree with your editorial comments on the demise of local cinemas, News 30/5/03.

As the last of the original Farnham Regal projectionists, later the Odeon, it seems almost crazy to me that so many local cinemas have been closed over the years and pulled down. Now it would seem Aldershot's last, known to some as the Ritz, could possibly go.

However, Aldershot ought to take note from the following. The ludicrous situation now in Farnham is that some sections of society are crying out for a new local cinema to be built after its two previous ones had been closed and demolished, (The Regal and County).

The reason cinemas close, as you stated, is due to a lack of public support and interest, the resulting 20-year old mess in Farnham's East Street should serve as a warning on the short sightedness of public vacillation.

I doubt it, but when it comes to cinemas I hope Aldershot can find some way of avoiding the same mistakes as Farnham.