LIBERAL Democrat councillor Ray Earwicker has accused Conservatives of being "bad losers" after they lost out on a College Town seat in the borough council elections last Thursday night.

The Tories, who have held both seats in the ward for six years, demanded four re-counts as Cllr Earwicker and Conservative candidate Ray-mond Simonds battled it out for the remaining seat with just five votes in it.

Pressure mounted for both parties during the final re-count, and the number of votes for College Town concluded: Ray Earwicker - 510 votes, Robert Edger - 540 votes, Raymond Simonds - 505 votes and Reginald Hodge - 472 votes.

After a lengthy battle, Cllr Earwicker eventually managed to scoop the first Liberal Democrat seat in the borough and town elections for eight years and said he was "delighted" at his success.

He said: "It's the Conservatives that have asked for these re-counts, they cannot tolerate opposition.

"The first re-count showed a majority of 13 votes, the second a majority of three and the fourth re-count, a majority of four.

"How far do they have to go before they accept a democratic result?

"It's about time they realised we are living in a democracy rather than a one party state.

"We have made a lot of effort in College Town and made it a target seat, and there was a late surge in votes at the polling station.

"At the end of the day we tried our best. Labour have lost a lot of seats tonight, so it's important that we were represented."

Central Sandhurst maintained its Conservative stronghold with Cllr Alan Ward and Cllr Peter North re-elected, as did Crowthorne with Cllr's Finnie, Thompson and Wade.

Leader of the council, Cllr Paul Bettison (con) and deputy leader Cllr Dale Birch (con) were both re-elected to represent the Little

Sandhurst and Wellington ward and Cllr David Worrall and Cllr Richard Thomas, both Conservative were elected in for both Owlsmoor seats.

Cllr Earwicker went on to question the Tories' canvassing methods and criticised their use of blue voting cards and added that a Lib Dem seat in Bracknell Forest, would "help to broaden discussion in the council chamber".

He said: "The use of the Conservatives' blue cards which they put through resident's doors is a devise which needs to be investigated.

"The Tory vote always seems to end up in Bracknell. You could put a blue rosette on a monkey and it would get elected."