A pub manager must inform the police of every entertainment event he wishes to hold at his premises in a bid to prevent future brawls.

Hugh Asher, who has owned The Highwayman Inn for the last four years, must adhere to a new set of conditions set by Hart District Council following a review of the premises licence on Tuesday January 7.

Hampshire Constabulary called for the examination of the licence following two serious incidents that took place by the pub in Yateley last year.

PC lain Barnes said: “We understand it is a thriving business in what is a difficult economic time, but there are issues that need to be addressed.

“When there is live music at the premises it raises the intoxication level in customers. It would be useful from a licence point of view if we were aware when the events were happening.

“When Mr Asher is not [at the pub] it seems that the professionalism drops.”

As well as providing the police each month with an advanced list of live music and entertainment events, the licence holder must be present on Friday and Saturday nights and improvements must be made to CCTV management.

Mr Asher said: “We have since invested heavily in staff management and we now operate a zero tolerance policy. We are now focusing on dinner and dance to attract a more mature audience.

“We have moved from a younger clientele to an older clientele. Where we were five months ago, is completely different to where we are now.”

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