"MIRACLE" baby Lily Sills, who weighed just 1lb at birth, celebrates her first birthday next Tuesday.

Her parents, Sara and Christopher Sills, plan to mark the event with a small party at the family home in Darwin Grove, Aldershot.

They've invited family members and close friends to toast Lily's future with a bottle of bubbly and to tuck into a birthday cake.

The guests will include two special baby care unit nurses who were closely involved with their baby's battle for survival.

Mrs Sills said this week: "There were times when we thought we would never bring Lily home, let alone celebrate her first birthday.

"We are so grateful to all the doctors and nurses involved with caring for her…they were fantastic and we can never thank them enough.

"Even during our darkest and most desperate days they reassured us and told us there was light at the end of the tunnel."

Lily, who was born after 24 weeks, spent over three months in hospital before she was considered well enough to go home.

Her parents, who have two other children, faced more heartache last Christmas when she was rushed into hospital with pneumonia.

Lily's life was again on a knife-edge, but once again she pulled through thanks to her battling instincts.

Born with damaged lungs, she is still wired to oxygen cylinders 24 hours a day to help her to breathe.

The youngster, who now weighs 16lbs, receives regular medical checks and doctors hope her lungs will soon be strong enough to dispense with the cylinders.

Picture: One year old - little Lily Sills, who weighed one pound at birth, with her doting parents Sara and Christopher.