DRIVING instructor Bill Paterson thought his dreams had come true after finding himself locked in a Farnborough bank.

But any hopes of walking out of the HSBC building in Victoria Road with his pockets stashed with cash were soon dispelled.

The only handout he and his wife Cathie received was tea and biscuits until the cleaner arrived to let them out.

"It's everyone's dream to be locked in a bank," laughed Bill. "But as far as we were concerned we weren't any the richer when we came out."

The couple found themselves trapped in the bank after their meeting with a financial adviser ended long after closing time.

According to Bill, of Fairfax Road, Farnborough, the adviser had lent his front door key to another employee who had failed to return it.

The adviser telephoned another staff member to come and let them out, but he was beaten to it by the cleaner who unlocked the door.

"We were in there about 45 minutes," said Bill. "The financial adviser and his assistant were very apologetic.

"Our meeting had gone very well, and we treated it as one of those things. It was quite amusing really."

Picture: Bill Paterson and his wife Cathie were locked in the HSBC building in Victoria Road,

Farnborough, for 45 minutes until the cleaner came and let them out.