I AM writing in regard to the National Lottery and I put this question to everyone in Farnborough. Has this borough really benefited from this fund? I doubt it, certainly not any project that we know about.

Does any subscriber put any thought into where their money actually goes?

I can think of the arts, such as Covent Garden Opera House and the Dome in Greenwich, which has become very much a "white elephant", hardly projects that have benefited this community and the youth of this borough.

Well, I have the answer. It's called Farnborough Recreation Centre and what I'm suggesting is that it should be totally free, financed by the National Lottery. Radical, yes, and there will be a need to change the criteria for approval of funding for such a project.

We should all open the debate in moving this project forward, including all our councillors and even our own MP, Mr Gerald Howarth.

How many other people will share my vision for such a facility for the youth of this borough, those on limited incomes and those who claim they have nowhere to go?

What I propose is that the recreation centre needs to be restructured to provide better sports and social facilities for all age groups.

We should also combine to run all activities to bring the whole community closer together and give people a greater purpose in their lives.

Where do I fit in all this? Well, I have the experience of running family roller skating sessions and would extend this to roller disco as well.

If such a project would become a reality then I would be the first to volunteer my free services.

So let's get the debate moving forward. Let's make Farnborough the flagship of what I consider to be a great project for the benefit of the whole community.

M F O'Neil, Kempton Court, Farnborough.