CAMPAIGNER Jo Hill has accused Hampshire County Council of planning to waste thousands of pounds on a non-existent traffic problem at Yateley.

And she fears that the council's road experts may twist the results of a public questionnaire to justify pressing ahead with its needless scheme.

She hit out after attending a public exhibition at The Tythings where the North East Hants Transport Strategy was put on display.

The plan includes reducing the A30 dual carriageway to one lane, imposing a 20mph limit through Yateley town centre and reducing road widths to incorporate cycleways.

Other proposals involve reducing junction widths, installing pinch points and road humps, and putting up scores of warning signs.

Mrs Hill, of Darby Green Lane, said: "The council have come up with this grand scheme, without explaining the reasons for it. "I walk around Yateley during the day and there's hardly any traffic or pedestrians."

Referring to the questionnaire, she described it as vague and worded to allow the answers to be interpreted in many ways.

"This could give manipulated results under the guise of public consultation," she claimed.

Aldershot MP Gerald Howarth also slammed the scheme, describing it as "mad", after visiting the exhibition along with well over 500 local residents.

He urged residents to make their views known in writing to the county council. "The people who will be inconvenienced by this scheme are those who live in the area," he added.

Yateley councillor David Simpson said: "The experts seem to regard motorists as aliens. They should remember that almost all of us drive cars."

County Councillor Adrian Collett believed there were some good proposals in the blueprint. "Once the consultation period is over we must sort the wheat from the chaff and come up with a package that is acceptable to local people," he added.