Aldershot Military Museum is featuring a special exhibition showing the history and development of models made from the popular construction toy Meccano.

The exhibition comprises the amazing collection of Meccano amassed by collector Fred Peskett. Some of the kits date from as early as the First World War. Shown in the display are a huge variety of models, depicting everything from a field artillery piece to a Zeppelin.

The periods covered by the models range from medieval crossbows to futuristic representations of spacecraft.

Ian Maine, curator at the museum, explained: "Originally devised in 1901, Meccano was incredibly popular at various periods. It enabled the owner not only to make the kit they had bought, but also to transform it into virtually anything they wished- the evidence of that can be seen in the incredible variety of models shown here."

Accompanying the exhibition is a quiz sheet for children and families. The exhibition is open every day from 10am and runs until January 14.