A DRUNKEN man, who smacked the bottom of an ambulance worker who had been called to tend to him after he collapsed, has said he is ashamed of his behaviour.

John Stott, 47, of Wickham Place, Church Crookham, appeared before Aldershot magistrates on Tuesday, where he admitted to indecently assaulting a woman after he collapsed outside the Fox and Hounds pub in June.

The court was told that Stott had several drink-related convictions and had served a prison sentence for gross indecency and indecent assault in 1987.

Fiona McMurray, pro-secuting, said the emergency services found Stott lying on the pavement.

He was abusive to police officers and started to make lewd comments to a paramedic as she tried to help him into the ambulance.

Miss McMurray said: “He began complimenting her, saying ‘I love you’. She then asked to check his heart for an ECG and he developed a panic attack.”

Stott, added Miss McMurray, continued to make lewd and inappropriate comments to the woman as she tried to tend to him and said he wanted to have sex with her.

She said the woman was not happy to travel alone in the ambulance with him, so a police officer accompanied her but he still continued to harass her.

“He was making sexual remarks and became very aggressive because he wanted to urinate,” added Miss McMurray.

“She went to get him a bowl and he touched her bottom. The policeman said it was deliberate, saying he used his right hand to slap her bottom.”

Miss McMurray said Stott claimed he did not recall touching his victim but said he had no reason to doubt the witnesses’ statements.

Jack Beards, defending, said Stott was extremely drunk but said the offence was not the most serious kind of indecency.

He said his client was not an alcoholic but had a problem with binge drinking.

Beards added: “He hasn’t had a drink since this happened. He’s taken it on himself not to drink because he gets out of control. He said he’s not going to drink because he doesn’t want to get into any more trouble.”

He said his client was still very ashamed about the assault he committed in 1987, saying he moved to Hampshire to make a fresh start.

“He’s most ashamed. The victim was a young boy and he was accused of kidnapping although the whole thing went on for about an hour.

“He really doesn’t see himself as someone who would go out and do it again.”

Magistrate Martyn Wilson sentenced Stott to a community punishment order and rehabilitation order.

“You’ll be under supervision for 24 months and you will serve 90 hours working in the community.

You must keep out of trouble. Because of the seriousness of this matter, you know what the only alternative would be.”

Stott was ordered to pay £250 compensation and £50 legal costs.