AN ALDERSHOT man suffered a terrifying ordeal after being abducted at knifepoint and forced to drive to remote woodland.

The 22-year-old was waiting at the level crossing at Ash railway station in Church Road at around 12.30pm on Sunday when a man opened a rear door and got into the back seat.

He threatened his victim with a knife and forced him to drive through Ash and Aldershot, past Rushmoor Arena. They eventually stopped in a gravel parking area off the Fleet Road, around the common and woods at Eelmoor Hill.

The victim then had to get out of his white Ford Sierra and open the car boot which was searched by the offender before he took the keys to the car.

The man then threatened his victim with the knife again, forcing him to walk into the woods around different tracks on the common and through the wooded area thought to be Spur Hill.

This ordeal lasted for an hour until the victim heard a scrambler motorbike and decided to tackle the offender.

In a courageous move, he wrestled with the man who then ran off through the woods, possibly in the direction of Fleet.

The victim was then left to wander the woods on his own and got lost for a further two or three hours while attempting to find his way out.

“He was quite distraught,” said a police spokesperson. “However he didn’t suffer any injuries and there was no indication that the man was going to rob him.”

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward who may have seen the man get into the Sierra at the level crossing, or spotted someone hanging around the station.

The offender is white and in his mid-30s with a slim face and freckles.

He wore a blue woollen hat, a black silky bomber jacket with orange lining, black baggy tracksuit bottoms and black padded or insulated gloves.

The victim had seen a man hanging around the level crossing but wasn’t sure if it was the same man who got into the car.

Police are also appealing for witnesses to come forward who may have seen either the victim or offender wandering in the woods near Fleet, or near the white Sierra at around 1.10pm.

They are also hoping to identify any motorcyclists who were in the area at that time.

If anyone has information, please call Det Con Gemma Morris at Guildford Police station on 0845 125 2222.