A man was left with second degree burns to his legs, chest and back after a fire in a Farnborough workshop.

Around 36 firefighters tackled the blaze in the garage in Priory Street at 4.10pm on Sunday (April 13) and were faced with the added danger of gas canisters inside the premises.

Once the fire was out, firefighters had to cool the gas cylinders, which contained acetylene, oxygen and liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

The 50-year-old man was given pain relief at the scene and was conscious on his way to Frimley Park Hospital, where he was treated for 20% burns.

The fire is being investigated by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Simon Forster, crew manager at Rushmoor Fire Station said: "We were called as there was smoke around a suspected garage and workshop fire.

"Inside the workshops, a very old steam engine was being worked on.

"Numerous cylinders were inside. We had to be careful they did not explode.

"100% of the building was involved in the fire. The gentleman that owned the premises was taken to hospital.

"He tried to tackle the fire prior to our arrival. He had 20% burns."

Three garages, one car and one steam traction engine were damaged by the fire and firefighters remained at the scene until around 8pm.