A man hid a "suicide kit" of illegal drugs in his buttocks because he was frightened of being sent to jail, a court was told.

David Stocker admitted possessing the Class A, B and C drugs when he appeared at Aldershot Magistrates’ Court on Thursday (July 31).

Stocker was put in a cell at Aldershot police station for a matter unrelated to the drugs on May 27.

Smoke was smelled coming from the cell and police found Stocker smoking what they believed to be a cannabis joint.

“The defendant was strip searched and police found a small black plastic item between his buttocks, which was inserted in his rectum,” prosecutor Fiona McMurray told the court. “He said it was a suicide kit because if he was put inside he would kill himself.”

Miss McMurray said 31-year-old Stocker, formerly of Park Road in Farnborough but now living in a bail hostel, was taken to hospital to have the container removed.

It contained a number of different sized, shaped and coloured tablets with letters on and police later identified them as three different drugs – Class A Zomorph, Class B Dihydrocodeine and Class C Nitrazepam.

When interviewed Stocker told police the drugs were his and he was prescribed medication for depression and anxiety.

“He said he put the container in his bum cheeks because he did not like the officer’s attitude,” said Miss McMurray. “He said the container was his suicide pot and he had paid about £35 for the drugs.”

Jack Beards, defending, said his client had various problems in his life and bought the drugs last October.

“It was a worrying situation and he intended to use them if he went to prison,” said Mr Beards. “He did go to prison but fortunately he did not make any attempt to harm himself.

“He has since come out of prison, is staying in a bail hostel in Fareham and is trying to get back on his feet.”

He was remanded in custody on June 5 after being charged with criminal damage. He was released on June 30 after being found not guilty.

Probation officer Gavin James told the court Stocker was attending sessions and complying with the service on a regular basis.

“There are no concerns and the possession has been tackled during supervision sessions,” he added.

Magistrates indicated they were looking at giving Stocker a community order and adjourned the case for further reports. He was granted unconditional bail until sentencing at Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court this week.