A Farnborough school kick started its health week by getting all its pupils and staff to participate in a school marathon.

Last Tuesday, each pupil as well as staff and governors ran a circuit of 116m each and by the end of the day they had completed the full 26.2 miles.

Mark Sammes, head-teacher of Manor Junior School, said: “It was a wonderful event and a significant part of our health week where we are promoting healthy lifestyles.

It was good to see the whole school community pulling together to achieve a common goal — our equivalent of the marathon.

“The children loved it and fully entered into the spirit of the day, as did the staff.”

Claire Bocon, a local fitness instructor, lead each class in an aerobic warm up before their individual runs.

After completing their circuit the children were awarded with a sports water bottle embossed with the school logo, which they will be allowed to use in class, to encourage and promote the health giving benefits of drinking plenty of water.

Through the sponsorship of several teachers who ran the London marathon, and the marathon day at the school, approximately £4,000 was raised, which will be used to develop the school grounds and sporting facilities.