A Farnbourgh car park is set to have its restrictions altered after being deemed "unfair" to businesses.

Salisbury Road car park, near the Clockhouse roundabout, is regularly used by visitors to the Farnborough Road shops and Alexander House doctors surgery, however they were often caught out by the one-hour parking limit.

The short-stay car park has charges in place from 8am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and allows users to park for 20 minutes, 40 minutes or one hour.

Aleesha Patel, manager of Lloyds Pharmacy in Farnborough Road, said increasing the limit would help take some of the pressure off staff and customers.

She said: "We have no allocated parking spaces whatsoever so we always have to pay, but because we have to be on the premises all day we can’t go and move our cars or go and top up the money on the car.

"I think the current parking situation is unfair, particularly to our customers who just come and collect medication."

Councillor Gareth Lyon, representing the Empress Ward for Rushmoor Borough Council, said the parking limit was too strict for shoppers and those with doctors appointments.

He said: "We have had a number of complaints from people about the car park. There is a one-hour restriction for spaces which makes it difficult for people with longer doctors’ appointments or people kept waiting at the surgery."

Two-hour limit

Cllr Lyon said he had discussed the issue with the borough's traffic management group, which was prepared to change the maximum parking time to two hours.

He said: "A two-hour restriction should allow for people with appointments and people visiting the local shops to have enough time there."

The current limit was implemented in November 2010 following a council survey that found the car park was being "overused" by residents of Concept House, in Coombe Way, some of whom often left their cars there overnight.

Cllr Lyon explained: "The two-hour limit is something we were previously opposed to as at the time there was an increase in concerns about the level of use by residents, but we managed to cut a deal with Concept House last year so that residents could use the car park more at evenings and weekends and there would be more availability for the shop users and doctors surgery patients during the day.

"Because that’s been successful we are now happy to increase the maximum parking time."