TOWN Mayor Peter North has been described as "autocratic" in a row over plans to build a youth advice centre at Sandhurst.

In a press release the Liberal Democrats accuse Mr North, a Tory, of failing to consult local people on the issue.

"His autocratic and divisive style of leadership has offended many people," says Ray Earwicker, former Sandhurst Mayor and Lib-Dem parliamentary candidate.

The press release also claims that "several senior local Conservative figures" are known to be extremely disturbed at Mr North's attitude.

And it says that the row has dented his ambition to become Bracknell Forest Mayor in Golden Jubilee year.

But Mr North said on Monday that he was only carrying out the wishes of the Conservative-dominated town council.

The council, he continued, had unanimously backed the scheme to build the advice centre in the Memorial Park.

There had also been insufficient time to carry out a full public consultation.

The £270,000 building cost is being funded by the UB40 charity and Bracknell Forest Council.

And Mr North said the money would have been lost if a decision had not been taken before April 5 - the end of the last financial year.

"It was a case of ‘use it or lose it'," he said.

As for his Mayoral ambitions, he countered: "They are totally wrong on that one.

"I'm not putting my name forward at Bracknell because my mother is poorly."