Motorists are driving at more than double the speed limit along a road in Eversley, according to new statistics.

Speeds of up to 75mph were recorded along a 30mph route through the centre of the village.

A speed indicator device (SID) was used to track motorists travelling west along the B3272 at Centre Stores between January 18 and February 16.

The operation was conducted by Eversley Parish Council as part of its campaign to crack down on drivers who put villagers at risk.

Council chairman Philip Todd said the traffic data acted as "evidence" when stressing to police that speeding was prevalent in the area.

“The police say they are over-stretched and are always getting calls about people driving too fast through the village,” Cllr Todd said.

“The police like to see evidence before they put manpower into an operation.”

Cllr Todd said he was shocked at some of the figures recorded.

“I would not have expected to see people going that fast but I do often get comments from residents saying they have been overtaken or seen motorists drive around road islands,” added Cllr Todd.

'Slow down'

Of the 100,000 vehicles recorded during the four-week period, more than 40% of motorists exceeded the speed limit.

Around 30,000 motorists drove at 35mph, about 13,000 sped between 40mph and 45mph and around 1,500 motorists drove above 50mph.

Cllr David Simpson, who represents Eversley at Hampshire County Council, provided the parish with funding for the SID last year.

The device, first installed in The Street in Eversley, showed vehicles visibly braking when it was activated.

The device is set at 30mph. When a speed greater than 30mph is registered by a vehicle, the warning sign ‘slow down’ is indicated together with the actual speed.

The device acts as a warning only to motorists and does not provide data for fixed penalty notices.

The parish council works in partnership with Hampshire Constabulary and the county council’s traffic and highways departments to look at the data recorded.

Children crossing

Cllr Simpson said it was "very disappointing" to see so many drivers exceeding the limit.

“Roughly half keep to the limit, so it is clear that some realise the dangers of speeding on this road,” he said.

“Those that are going at over 60mph, let alone those at 75mph, are clearly a menace to themselves as well as other road users.

"It would be interesting to know if those booked are from the village or people passing through.”

Yateley Town Council also monitors traffic speeds in the community and is considering moving its SID to Vigo Lane after concerns were voiced by residents recently.

Resident Dougal Rose said: “When people approach the Vigo Lane roundabout from Monteagle Lane, because it is downhill, they actually need to be braking to remain at 30mph.

“Many clearly are speeding up as they come down the hill and, if they were doing more than 30mph in the first place, easily hit 40mph or more.

“I am often stood at the bottom of the hill, near the roundabout, with my children waiting to cross as I take them to school.

“We sometimes watch five or so cars go by before we can cross and I can easily see that many are over the speed limit.

“I have even thought of making my own 30mph sign to hold up.”