Thirty-seven-year-old Andrew Moyes, who lived in Hounslow and worked for BAE systems in Farnborough, had been missing for more than three weeks.

A dog walker discovered the body while crossing the Farnborough Road Bridge on the afternoon of December 22.

Just two days earlier, Lorna Moyes had appealed in the News for her husband to return home in time for Christmas.

Mr Moyes had a history of self-harm and in 1998 he had attempted to overdose by taking 36 sleeping tablets.

His wife had made a point of expressing her serious concern about the effect the latest disappearance was having on their two children, Steven, 11, and Katherine, 14.

She last saw her husband at their home on Sunday November 24 before he left to go to work.

Mr Moyes had booked himself into the Swan Hotel in Farnborough Road on the Friday evening and stayed that night before returning home.

According to his wife, Mr Moyes had become severely depressed about his workload and he had been having much trouble sleeping properly.

When Mrs Moyes hadn't heard from her husband on the Sunday evening, she contacted the police fearing that something may have happened.

When he did not make an appearance at work on the Monday morning, Mr Moyes was picked up by the police.

They released him after he assured officers that he would definitely be home by six that evening.

Yet when he didn't arrive, Farnborough police searched the hotel on Tuesday and then found his car abandoned near the Swan on the Wednesday.

The following day CID officers searched the car, finding all Mr Moyle's belongings still inside the vehicle.

A further search of the hotel failed to produce any clues.

Mrs Moyes regularly travelled to Farnborough in a bid to find her husband.

The agony was finally brought to an end with the news which she had been dreading.

A post mortem examination on December 24 proved inconclusive.

Further investigations are taking place, but police are not treating the death as suspicious.