A RETIRED couple whose car was written off in a collision with another car whose driver was using a mobile phone is appealing to motorists not to talk and drive.

Gwen and Reginald Parry of Bramley Grove in Crowthorne, were driving their Citron XM along New Wokingham Road at 10am last Friday when the two cars collided.

Mrs Parry said: "My husband slowed down as we approached the traffic lights at the Dukes Ride crossroads even though they were on green. We weren't expecting anything to come from the other way and I just caught a glimpse of another car out of the corner of my eye and cried out.

"My husband wasn't badly hurt but I already had a back injury and was advised to go to the local doctor's surgery to get checked out.

"The whole accident has really affected us and we have both been having difficulties sleeping at night.

"Our car has been written off as it was older and the cost of the repairs would be more than the car is worth. We have to buy a new car now which will cost us a lot of money.

"Since we retired we became self-employed and run a home maintenance company and a car is essential. It has just thrown our lives upside down.

"We just want people to think before they talk and drive. I think using a mobile phone when driving should be made illegal as in most cases the police are powerless to do anything about it."

The police were unable to comment when the Times went to press.