MORE public places have been included in Surrey Heath Council's "no alcohol" zone.

Until recently only Camberley town centre was off limits to boozers.

Now Old Dean, St Michaels, Heatherside and Frimley Green wards have been included in the crackdown.

Part of Frimley Green recreation ground has also been designated a "no go" area for drinkers.

The new bylaw, which came into force on May 5, follows a growing number of complaints of drunken youngsters making life a misery for others.

Police officers now have the power, in all six areas, to order people to stop drinking in public and to hand over the alcohol.

If those involved refuse to obey the order, then they could land up in the magistrates' court and face a fine of up to £500.

Richard Ivory, council solicitor, said: "The council hopes the order will assist the police in controlling the consumption of alcohol in the designated areas."

Describing it as a positive step, he said there was a possibility of the "no alcohol" zone being extended even further sometime in the future.