Elvetham Road, Fleet, is to have even more money lavished on it to "finetune" the hated 10 build-outs which litter the one-mile long road, making it an obstacle course.

Funds "not exceeding £150,000" are available, from the Elvetham Heath developers and about £120,000 has already been spent on the road, leaving £30,000 for any changes.

Only one build-out, opposite No 20, will be removed, and replaced with an "over-runnable island". The road "experts" at Hampshire County Council think this will "reduce high traffic flow gridlock."

Other changes are:

** Re-siting the build-out at No 111 to a point further west to reduce the "chicane conflict" effect.

** Replacement of the red surfacing at the western end with raised textured surfacing to improve driver awareness.

** Reducing the widths of the over-runnable islands and ensuring that the remaining land widths are 2.6m to reduce the maintenance burden.

** Enhancing the reflective strips on the bollards to make the build-outs more conspicuous.

** Providing over-runnable central islands at the start of the anti-skid surfacing prior to each build-out, to encourage lane discipline.

** Providing "advisory cycle lanes" through each build-out feature, to assist cyclists.

The controversial build-outs led to voters throwing Coun John Stocks off Hart Council (he still represents Fleet on Hampshire County Council, where his term expires in two years.) He was ousted from Hart Council by roads campaigner Denis Gotel.

This week Coun Gotel said that since the town's inner relief road was no longer on the cards, Elvetham Road would have to be used as a major traffic-carrying thoroughfare.

He said that the new changes were based on a draft report containing lots of road measurements. He had personally checked most of them and found them to be completely inaccurate and misleading.

He also predicted that one point in the road - the junction with Stockton Avenue - was so dangerous that there would be a fatality there, but the changes ignore that junction.

He proposed the complete removal of all build-outs and instead installing a "speed reminder" board which flashes up each driver's speed and then flashes up a reminder that they are in a 30mph area

"People would respect that," he said. Research has shown that the reminder boards are even more effective than speed cameras.

He also suggested traffic lights at the Church Road junction, to cope with traffic from the hospital and medical centre, and possibly a speed camera at the Stockton Road junction.

As for the over-runnable islands, he said they were "highly dangerous". He had personally witnessed a Mini hitting one and being "thrown across the road". He also had a letter from a motor-cyclist who hit one in the snow, not realising it was there.