THE National Health Service has received many knocks and criticisms recently and rightly so, but there are parts where praise is needed for all the good that goes on.

I was recently taken by ambulance into Frimley Park Hospital late on a Saturday night but despite this late hour the crew treated me as if I was the only customer they had to deal with since coming on duty.

On arrival at A and E it was obvious that it was a very busy evening with people on beds and trolleys everywhere.

The staff were not flustered; they were calm, methodical and systematically dealing with everyone in a pleasant manner.

I eventually went to F8 and stayed there for 12 days and met staff of different nationalities, but wherever they came from they all had one thing in common and that was looking after their patients to the very best of their ability and to make their stay in their ward as pleasant as possible.

You hear all sorts of comments about hospital food, but I and the five others in the bay all commented on how good the food was.

I know there are many people on various waiting lists and some have been waiting for some considerable time for a bed.

I see no hope in reducing these lists if the authorities keep on allowing more and more properties to be built in what is an overcrowded area already.

Why don't the heads of the vital services object in the strongest way to more building?

Is it because they are not allowed to, or are they worried about their jobs if they do stand up and object?

How can we, the general public, unite and stop more burdens being placed on our vital services and at least stop those waiting lists getting any longer?

If anyone has the answer then let us all know how we can all unite to stop even more pressure being put on already overworked, dedicated staff.

P C Tarrant, Cranmore Close, Aldershot.