MISS White of Aldershot (News, May 3) is right to complain about disappearing bus services. Stagecoach are not the only culprits.

In February, First Beeline cut back the X7/X37 Green Line Londonlink service, which runs from Bracknell to London via Yateley, Camberley and Bagshot. There is now just a basic commuter timetable. Half-day trips to London are no longer possible.

First Beeline says this is partly because of the September 11 terrorist attacks on America. It may be simply that the company wants the vehicles and drivers for its other route from Bracknell to London via Windsor.

Parent company First plc reported a large profit and paid its bus director over £300,000 last year. It says it aims to provide reliable, high quality and accessible services. The Londonlink has often been unreliable and does not use the latest low-floor vehicles. Perhaps everyone would benefit if Beeline improved the service, instead of just cutting it and forcing more people to use their cars or pay high train fares.

First Beeline has promised to review the cuts before the summer. You can give them your views by writing to A J Taylor, Operations Director, First, Goldborough House, Market St, Bracknell RG12 1JA, or you can ring him on 01344 868688.

Cllr Meurig Williams, Bagshot ward, Windlesham Parish Council, Waverley Road, Bagshot.