Their presence will be stepped up in key parts of the town to tackle juvenile crime, drinking-related problems and shoplifting.

Farnborough police say a greater presence on the streets will reassure the public as well as deter potential criminals during this busy period.

"We've been given the extra resources so that we can target certain areas like Farnborough town centre and the Totland area," said community beat officer Pc Darren Murphy.

Pc Murphy explained that the extra policing would come from additional officers across the division and by working overtime.

He was unable to confirm numbers but said it would allow for extra police officers out on the streets.

He also said that Farnborough police was anticipating more government funding to tackle minor crime in the new year.

This would enable the beat unit to continue working proactively with the local community in tackling neighbourhood problems.

Pc Murphy added: "We're already working in partnership with Rushmoor Council, the youth council and local businesses to resolve local problems together and it's working. We've already reduced problems in these areas."