ALERT motorist Sandra Muschamp thought she had caught police breaking the law as she travelled along "radar trap alley" between Farnborough and Aldershot.

She spotted that a police van with a speed camera was parked on double yellow lines in a lay-by on the A325 near Farnborough College of Technology. She rang Hampshire police headquarters to complain. According to Mrs Muschamp, of Highfield Road, Cove, the person who took the call agreed and said she would arrange to have the van moved.

But when the Star contacted Farnborough police traffic office, it was told that the police call centre operator had got her wires crossed. Inspector Charlie Raison, local traffic chief, said: "Our vehicles are allowed to park on double yellow lines as long as they are being used for police purposes. We try not to do it, but we feel it is justified to park in the A325 lay-by in view of the high number of accidents which occur on the road."