GOOD news for people living on the James Road estate in Camberley has been followed by bad news for their neighbours further down the M3 in Farnborough.

In a letter to Aldershot and Farnborough MP Gerald Howarth, the Highways Agency said: "There are no plans to install further barriers between junctions 4 and 4a in the foreseeable future because of funding constraints."

Said Mr Howarth: "This confirms what most of us told an all party delegation from Rushmoor Council last year. Having undertaken part of the planned programme of erecting noise barriers, the Department of Transport has run out of funds.

"This will come as disappointing news to those who are still affected, but I can assure them that, together with Rushmoor Council, I will be continuing to press the Department of Transport."

Meanwhile work starts this week on new barriers over a quarter of a mile stretch affecting houses living to the west of Frimley Road.

Welcoming them, local councillor Pam Loyal said the stretch was the worst in Surrey Heath in terms of human misery from motorway noise and pollution.

"It is a start," she said- adding that it would give hope to people in Verran Road and Russett Gardens who could hope to be next in line for barriers.