WELL done, Hampshire, you are succeeding in persuading the earning and contributing electorate to move away.

I have lived in this area for most of my adult life and have always enjoyed it. Yes, the area is congested, but we have access to so much here. A good road network to the coast, the continent, airports, London and many excellent shopping areas.

However, I am seriously considering a move away. Why? Because you are succeeding in making my life untenable. Yes, it's the saga of the bus lanes again.

Last weekend I tried to "pop" to Farnborough shops. This is no longer an option. The whole area was gridlocked, as usual. After trying various routes in, I gave up and went to Fleet.

Farnborough town centre is already fairly run down, but if it is so difficult to get to at the weekend, it will simply die. No one is going to fight to get to a fairly inferior shopping centre.

My journey to work, near Godalming, would take several hours and cost a fortune by public transport, not to mention the inconvenience, so there is no way I am going to stop using a car.

You are being totally unrealistic if you think more people are going to use the buses just because they have a separate lane. There will just be fewer people arriving at work on time. So who pays for that? Initially, the employer, but eventually it filters down to you and me, again.

The only effect of these bus lanes will be to increase traffic in the housing areas around Farnborough. It has already started. I use the main roads as little as possible and cut through all the residential areas. The quantity of traffic in these areas has noticeably increased lately. Surely the purpose of the main roads is to take traffic away from housing areas?

I expect in a few years time you will accept your mistake and you can then waste more tax payers' money rectifying the situation. I find it difficult to accept how powerless the electorate actually is. We have to accept every decision made for us no matter how ludicrous and, to add insult to injury, we even have to pay for it.

Surely there should be a system of penalties whereby, if you insist, against the wishes of the people paying the bill, that you will implement something then you should be financially accountable for rectifying it if it fails. You may then take account of the people who have to live with your decisions.

Come out of your ivory tower and get real - we don't want bus lanes.

Mrs Ann Bullen, Highfield Path, Farnborough.