Camberley MP Nick Hawkins is urging Parliament to bring in tough new drug-driving measures to match the drink-driving law.

He has introduced a bill to bring in roadside drugs testing and new legislation against driving under the influence of a controlled drug. "We need to protect law abiding motorists from being seriously injured or wiped out by drug-crazed drivers," he told the Commons.

He said the Government had "given out all the wrong signals on the matter" and that young people had the mistaken idea that cannabis was legal.

"They are stunned when they are told that cannabis is not legal," he said.

He added that drug addicts who drive often drink alcohol as well. Then if they are stopped, they will be breathalysed and dealt with only as drink drivers. Investigation by drug squad officers could lead to more serious charges and prison.

He cited British Medical Association figures that nearly half of all 16 to 24 year olds in England have used cannabis at least once and 39 % have taken hallucinogens. In Scotland the figures were even worse with 69% using cannabis and 85% driving a car after using illegal drugs.

He praised Surrey and Hampshire and two other counties for piloting a field impairment test for drugs.

He also moved that statistics of drug related road accidents and deaths be collected routinely. Currently, no one is required to collate the figures.