Aldershot MP Sir Gerald Howarth has visited a flooding hotspot in Aldershot and called for relief for the businesses located there.

He visited Eastern Road, in North Town, on Saturday, accompanied by Rushmoor Borough Council members for North Town, and inspected the drainage which has been criticised in recent years.

Businesses in the nearby industrial estate have complained of customers not being able to access their premises due to deep water that builds up at the junction with Pegasus Avenue after rainfall.

Sir Gerald wrote to Martin Baggs, chief executive of Thames Water, the company responsible for maintaining sewers and lateral drains in Rushmoor, in January, urging him to make protecting Aldershot homes and businesses from flooding a priority.

Heronwood Road is another problematic area in Aldershot, as tree roots penetrated a water pipe there.

A Thames Water spokesman said a camera was used to inspect the drain in Eastern Road in October last year, which found there were no blockages and, as such, there was currently no work scheduled to be carried out in the road.

However Sir Gerald said this week that he had been assured that Thames Water was focusing on a multi-stakeholder engagement and partnership project to find the cause of the surface water flooding and a resolution for the road.

"They said they were unable to find a cost-effective solution due to the severity of flooding, but understood that it has to be resolved," he said.

"There has been some improvement, but what Saturday revealed is that there continue to be some problems which I'm going to ask Thames Water to look at."

Cllr Keith Dibble said of the visit by Sir Gerald: "I think it's good that we're working together despite being from different political parties. It shows how important this is.

"We're confident that we, as the local authorities and Sir Gerald can put pressure on those responsible to take action."

Sir Gerald said he had also been to visit residents in Kingsway, Blackwater, where Hart District Council chief executive Geoff Bonner had reported some recent flooding.