Lisa Doe, 21, of Denmark Street, broke down in tears as the jury returned a majority verdict at Winchester Crown Court on Tuesday.

She stabbed Patrick Garwood, 39, three times with a large kitchen knife after she returned from a shopping trip with her younger sister and started smoking crack cocaine.

The jury failed to believe her story that she acted in self defence when Mr Garwood pulled the knife on her.

Neighbours heard her arguing with Mr Garwood and later saw Doe, her sister Karen, 18, and a friend dragging his body downstairs.

They dumped the body at the back of their block of flats before calling an ambulance and telling police he had been in a fight with another man.

Doe said she met homeless Mr Garwood, originally from Brent in London, only six days before his death.

The pair met on The Warren housing estate and went back to her third floor flat to take drugs, and they slept together that night.

In a police interview she said he had not been violent to her during his stay but she later changed her story, saying he would get aggressive if she could not get him beer or drugs.

On the morning of August 23, 2001, Doe locked Mr Garwood in the flat with his agreement, saying that everything he needed was there for him.

She went shopping in Aldershot with Karen, who was staying with her sister having just been released from prison.

Shortly after they returned, said Doe, Mr Garwood stormed out of the flat to get a cigarette.

The sisters spent much of the day smoking crack cocaine and drinking cider, and were joined in the evening by Karen’s friend, Martin Beck.

Mr Beck, who said he did not have any drugs or drink on the day, was a key eyewitness for the prosecution.

When Mr Garwood came back to the flat Doe took a bag of his clothes to the door, intending to ask him to leave.

A fight started, during which Doe stabbed Mr Garwood. According to a pathologist, at least one of his three wounds was consistent with a defensive injury.

After dumping the body Doe asked Martin Beck to get rid of the knife and he later told police it was buried in fields near Beaumont School.

Police attempts to re-enact Doe’s version of events, shown to the jury on video, did not stand up to testing.

A post mortem examination revealed Mr Garwood died from a 10cm deep stab wound through his heart.

The jury was told Doe had several convictions, including one for carrying a knife.

Mr Garwood had convictions including assault, robbery and burglary.

Blood tests on Mr Garwood showed the presence of drugs, including alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, Valium and methadone.

Similar tests on Doe, after she was arrested by police early the next day, showed cocaine, cannabis, Valium, temazepam and heroin.

Doe told the court she had been taking drugs — often belonging to her mother – almost daily since she was 12.

By the age of 16 she was regularly taking cocaine, ecstasy and LSD, eventually leading to heroin addiction.

In a psychiatric report she described a childhood dominated by physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Two forensic psychiatrists agreed Doe was suffering from an abnormality of the mind.

After 11 and a half hours, the jury of nine women and three men, unable to reach a unanimous decision, returned a majority verdict of 10-2.

There was little reaction from the packed public gallery, where the families of both the defendant and the victim had sat throughout the tense nine-day trial.

Judge Michael Brodrick said: “You have been convicted of murder having fatally stabbed Patrick Garwood.

“As you will know the sentence for murder is fixed by law. The only sentence I must pass is life imprisonment. You must go down.”

Following the verdict Mr Garwood’s younger brother Carlton said: “Our family knows Patrick was no saint yet he was loved and is missed by many.

“We would like to thank the ambulance crew that attended the scene, the Crown Prosecution Service, Hamp-shire Constabulary and the judge.

“May Patrick now rest in eternal peace where no-one can harm him again.”