A YOUNG Aldershot woman who had spent the day smoking crack cocaine stabbed a man through the heart and left him for dead, Winchester Crown Court heard.

Lisa Doe, 21, of Denmark Street, had only known Patrick Garwood for a week, but had allowed him to stay in her flat.

At the opening of the trial last Thursday, Michael Bowes, prosecuting, said Doe returned from a shopping trip with her younger sister, Karen, and they both started smoking crack cocaine.

Mr Bowes said she later stabbed Mr Garwood, 39, three times with a knife, which she claimed he had threatened her with during a row.

Neighbours later saw Doe, her sister, and a friend, dragging Mr Garwood’s body down the stairs, said Mr Bowes.

They then dumped him at the back of their block of flats before calling an ambulance and telling police he had been in a fight with another man, he said.

Mr Bowes said Doe had let Mr Garwood squat in her flat and they had already slept together.

He added: “Shortly before 10.30pm on August 23, 2001, she stabbed him with a knife three times. The fatal wound was in the left hand side of his chest, penetrating his heart.

“One of the wounds went into his shoulder and one into his right elbow. That wound was consistent with a defensive injury.

“After the stabbing, Doe, with sister Karen and a young man, Martin Beck, dragged Mr Garwood out of the flat and out of the rear entrance of the block and left him on the ground.”

Mr Bowes told the jury that when the ambulance crew arrived, they found Mr Garwood lying outside. He was groaning and it was obvious that he was critical.

He was pronounced dead upon arrival at Frimley Park Hospital.

The jury was told that one of Doe’s friends, Jason Esperon, had been with her in the flat earlier that day and that both Doe and her sister were smoking crack cocaine.

Neighbours had heard arguing and screaming in the flat later that night.

Doe told police that Mr Garwood fell on the knife after she pushed him in self defence.

Mr Bowes said: “She said he pulled out the knife from his elasticated-waist tracksuit trousers, but he fell over. When he stood up, the knife blade was facing towards him.

“She admitted they had carried Mr Garwood out and that it was her decision to do that. She said she had asked Martin Beck to get rid of the knife and that he had agreed to do so.

“The prosecution case is that her claim of self defence is untrue and that she had used the knife on Mr Garwood as the aggressor.”

Doe denies murder. The trial continues.