Thousands turned up to Farnborough’s bi-annual Picnic to Music in the Park event to help raise money for charity last weekend.

Organisers Farnborough Rotary Club are still counting up how much was made this year - last year it raised £65,000 - but all proceeds from the event will go to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham.

Tim Vile, chairman of the rotary club, said: “It went very well. This year it reached and exceeded our expectations and we had about 8,000 people come over the two nights.

The weather was very, very kind to us and everyone had a nice dance in the evening sunshine.”

He added the music had been of the highest standard, and the crowd had all had a great time.

“All of the bands were great,” he said. “On Saturday, we had the Secret Police and Counterfeit Stones and on the Sunday Magic of Motown, who we had to bring back due to popular demand, got everyone going.

“The next one will now be in two years and we will begin talking shortly on who will play at that and we welcome suggestions from members of the public to help us with that.

“It’s long, hot work but we want to thank our team of almost 100 people who helped put the event on for such a good cause.

“There’s nothing better than seeing everyone’s beaming faces at such a great family event.”