RUSHMOOR'S Muslims are asking for a mosque-cum-community centre to be provided in the borough.

More than 75 have signed a petition asking the council to help them with their search.

The organisers hope they might be allowed to take over the council-owned Elders' Club in Aldershot High Street.

But council leader John Marsh, who received the petition on Tuesday evening, said the Muslim community should not be too hopeful.

"As a council we would not be able to favour one group above another," he said yesterday (Wednesday).

"There may be others with their eye on the building if it becomes available, and their plans would have to be considered as well."

The campaigners have discussed their ideas with council chief executive Andrew Lloyd.

They have been asked to prepare more detailed plans which will then be discussed by the council at a future meeting. "There are a lot of bridges to be crossed as far as this is concerned," said Mr Marsh.

Petition organiser Mohammed Choudhary said they needed the building for worship and for English and Urdu classes.

He estimated that there are 80 Muslim families in the borough, and at present they have to travel to the Woking mosque for Friday worship.

"We have been looking for a building in the borough for the past 10 years," he said. "I hope the council will consider this latest request sympathetically."