THREE mystery men have been hailed as heroes after they risked their lives to save an elderly woman who had fallen on to train tracks.

Victoria Fisher, from Ash, has heaped praise on the men who jumped on to tracks at North Camp station to rescue her 64-year-old mother.

Her parents, Michael and Barbara Westlake, of Cove, were waiting for the 6.02 train at the station on Tuesday morning.

They were en route to Gatwick airport, looking forward to escaping the wet and wind and enjoying a relaxing two-week holiday in Cyprus.

Mrs Fisher said: "My dad was dealing with heavy luggage on the platform, and two seconds later he turned round to see Mum on the train tracks.

Without a thought, these three men just jumped on the tracks, picked her up and helped her back on to the platform."

It is thought that Mrs Westlake had an epileptic fit and fell on to the tracks, causing bruises to her body and a bump to the head.

Mrs Fisher continued: "Although she has the epilepsy under control thanks to medication, she does have the occasional fit which is usually brought on by stress.

"If it was a fit, she would have been semi-conscious and unable to put her hands out to cushion the fall.

"My parents have missed so many holidays in the past because of my mum's illness, so they were really looking forward to this one.

"My dad thought that if they called an ambulance at the station, it would have created more unnecessary stress, so they caught the train to Gatwick.

"They were desperate not to miss the flight."

That was not the end of their troubles. When they finally arrived at Larnaca airport after the four-hour flight, Mrs Westlake had another fit.

She received treatment at the hotel, where they are now both recovering from their ordeal with a well-earned rest under the Cyprus sun.

Mrs Fisher has expressed her gratitude to the brave men who jumped to the rescue, and hopes her parents will be able to thank them in person when they return.

"I just want to thank these men, both personally and on behalf of my parents, for risking their lives for my mum.

"It is very unusual to see that sort of thing these days. It could have been a totally different outcome.

"If there was no-one around and a train had been coming, I dread to think what would have happened."

Are you one of the fearless North Camp commuters who saved Mrs Westlake? Do you know these men? Give the News a call on 01252 339764.