A Farnborough resident has claimed that long-running problems with an abattoir near his home have worsened as a result of the recent heatwave.

Mark Muir, whose home in Peabody Road is next to Newman’s Abattoir in North Camp , claimed that at the height of the heatwave on June 19 he and his neighbours had to suffer “vile” smells coming from the business.

“As soon as I opened my door, I was immediately hit with the foulest stench of rotting animal remains that had been left baking in the sun,” he said.

Mr Muir said he was unable to sleep with his windows open during the heat, due to the noise of lorries delivering animals to the abattoir in the early hours of the morning.

In a letter to Aldershot MP Leo Docherty, Mr Muir claimed he had made four complaints about the abattoir in the space of a month to Rushmoor Borough Council (RBC).

He also claimed that, in the seven years he had lived near the abattoir, there had been “regular incidents that the residents of Peabody Road have had to endure”.

He said: “This is not in a rural, agricultural part of Hampshire. Peabody Road is a densely populated residential street, surrounded by houses and schools.”

Mr Muir claimed the smell from the abattoir was “so bad that sometimes I see people walking past the house holding their noses”.

A spokesman for Newman’s Abattoir said its owners did not want to comment.

A spokesman for Mr Docherty said he had received Mr Muir’s letter and was looking into the situation.

More than 30 animal rights activists attended a vigil outside Newman's Abattoir last August

Councillor Ken Muschamp, RBC’s cabinet member for business, safety and regulation, said: “There are a number of agencies involved in the enforcement of issues relating to the abattoir.

“We are frequently contacted by residents about issues which are outside our remit.

“However, we always refer their concerns to the relevant agency to investigate and let the abattoir owners know that a complaint has been received so they can take appropriate measures.

“Mr Muir is in regular contact with the council and officers from environmental health and housing services have spoken with him over the past few days.

“He has requested a meeting with the our lead officer to discuss the abattoir, so we will contact him to arrange this.

“In the meantime, we will continue to work with residents and the abattoir owners to discuss the issues and promote a positive way forward.”

Rushmoor Borough Council says its gives 'high priority' to investigating complaints regarding Newman's Abattoir

Cllr Muschamp added: “Given the close proximity of houses to the abattoir, we give high priority to the investigation of complaints from local residents of the potential for statutory nuisance.

“Every complaint is investigated and, wherever possible, an officer will visit the resident at the time of the complaint to assess whether nuisance is arising.

“All complaints made are followed up with the abattoir management and, where appropriate, recommendations made.”