A PROPOSED new foot and cycle bridge across the railway line from Elvetham Heath to Elvetham Place in Fleet, which attracted nearly 300 letters of protest from local residents, has been passed by Hart's Development Control committee.

The majority vote decision came at the end of around two hours of debate watched by scores of local objectors. A move to refuse the plans failed by seven votes to six. The bridge is said to be similar in design to the one over the M3 between Hawley and Cove.

Objectors raised a large number of reasons for it to be refused including tree loss and noise and disturbance but the principle originally agreed was for a bridge to provide an alternative to car traffic from the giant estate. A planning report said it was a well considered solution that attempted to reduce impact on neighbours.

Another application in the same area - for two new detached homes in the grounds of 113, Elvetham Road -has been given the go ahead subject to a revised layout and a financial contribution towards North East Hants Transport.