Proposals have been put forward for new cycle lanes in Farnborough with bus stops to be relocated.

Hampshire County Council and Rushmoor Borough Council are working together to improve cycling and bus stop facilities along Alexandra Road, in North Camp, and plan to include new on-road cycle lanes and remove the off-road shared pedestrian and cycle lane between Boundary Road and Cambridge Road East.

The councils plan to install bollards along the edge of the footway outside NatWest in Alexandra Road, to prevent cars parking on the pavement, and to relocate bus stops and shelters to Netley Street.

There is no on-road cycle facility along Alexandra Road, and parts of the footway are unsuitable for cyclists, due to trees, lamp posts and bus shelters, which narrow the width of the footway and can cause conflict between cyclists and pedestrians.

Residents and cyclists have raised safety concerns about the pathway to the councils as those living in the road find it difficult to see bikes when leaving driveways.

The councils are proposing to provide on-road cycle lanes on both sides of Alexandra Road and believe it will make cyclists feel more confident about travelling on the road.

A report on the proposals stated: “With the introduction of the on-road facility, there is an option to remove all or part of the existing off-road shared-used facility between Boundary Road and Cambridge Road East.

“However providing the on-road facility does not mean that we would remove the off-road facility.”

The bus shelter at the southern end of Alexandra Road, in the shopping parade in North Camp, has been struck several times in the past by buses trying to navigate around parked vehicles.

As part of the plans, the bus stops and shelters will be moved further north along the road to resolve the issue.

No on-street parking will be lost as part of the scheme, however, a small section of parking will be relocated to where the bus stop is currently located.

Councillor John Wall, representing Farnborough South for Hampshire County Council, said: “There are a lot of complaints about cyclists on the pavement in that area and I hope that this will benefit all highway users.”

The plans will be on display at Rushmoor council’s offices in Farnborough Road until Sunday February 23 and residents will be able to submit their views using questionnaire forms, which are also available on the county council website.

Although councillors believe the proposal is aimed at benefiting road users, Dominic Batstone, from Mytchett, said he was ‘quite shocked’ by the plans.

He said: “The proposed scheme for Alexandra Road certainly lures cyclists into a false sense of security, riding immediately next to cars in the ‘door zone’ then, when the cycle path ends at traffic islands, drivers will undoubtedly squeeze through. Not very confidence-inspiring for young or inexperienced cyclists.

“All you need is one gust of wind or a wing mirror touching the handlebars to knock you off in front of the following vehicle.”