This is the third year running mobile phone giant Orange has applied for permission to build an eight-metre-high mast along the narrow Owlsmoor Road.

But townsfolk, with the help of Bracknell MP Andrew MacKay, are determined to keep up the opposition — despite what they feel is increasing pressure to give in.

This month residents have joined forces again and presented up a petition to the council in the hope of staving off the development — but there are fears the situation will repeat itself next year, and every year, until Orange has won.

Stephen Mole, of Owlsmoor Road, fears his neighbours are being forced to move home as a result of the developer's persistence.

He said: "People along this road are selling up because they have had enough.

"This is the third time they (Orange) have applied for planning permission, but the road is so crowded as it is and the mast would be entirely out of keeping with the area.

"And, sadly, this is one of the few areas of natural woodland left in Owlsmoor.

"When I move, it will be somewhere where there is no room for a mast — it makes my blood boil."

James Bayne, also of Owlsmoor Road, called the situation a "disgrace" and accused Orange of "harassment".

Mr MacKay has become a staunch supporter of the opposition, campaigning regularly each year in a bid to halt the plans.

He said: "I have campaigned to have several telephone mast applications turned down in the Owlsmoor area that are far too close to homes and are also an eyesore.

"I think it's a pity that when we win each battle, the mobile phone companies come back with other similar proposals which are just as bad, rather than thinking more laterally and sharing masts on sites such as the one I have helped to arrange on the Broadmoor Hospital site, which is not harming anyone."

Sandhurst Town Council has thrown its support behind residents by recommending Bracknell Forest Borough Council refuses permission when it is presented with the plans tomorrow evening.

Cllr Bob Piggin, chairman of the planning committee, said: "The reason the council recommended refusal is because it's too close to residential property and the proposed area is on one of the few areas of natural woodland in Owlsmoor.

"The recommendation recognises the concerns of residents regarding perceived health risks of mobile phone masts and we have asked they consider alternative suitable sites."

A spokesman for Orange said: "We are in consultation with the local planning authority regarding our proposals, and should we find a suitable alternative location that would provide acceptable coverage technically, for which we can secure a legal interest and where planning permission will be forthcoming, we will consider removing the proposed urban installation at Owlsmoor Road.

"Orange welcomes suggestions from members of the community.

"If anyone is aware of any potential sites, then please contact us on 0800 783 5021 and we will carry out a feasibility study to check its suitability."