A PLAN that would have seen 14 new homes in Fleet's exclusive blue triangle zone has been rejected by Hart's Development Control committee.

The scheme from Ashridge Homes and Borme Homes would have used an access from Fitzroy Road to the back gardens of 11 houses in Reading Road North.

The plans for the five and six bedroomed homes caused a storm of protest in the area with 63 letters of objection from local people as well as letters from the Fitzroy Road residents' association.

Back in 1988 a scheme for ten houses on part of the site was refused and a Government inspector endorsed the refusal saying it would "alter the peace and tranquillity" and seriously harm the privacy of neighbours.

In its reasons for refusal Hart says it would harm the North Fleet Conservation Area and would require the removal of a large number of important trees. It would also require a wide access out of keeping with Fitzroy Road. The Council also cites the harmful effect on neighbours.