UP to 250 jobs will be up for grabs at the new B&Q warehouse when it opens in Farnborough next May.

The Solartron Road development is one of eight new warehouses to open in the first few months of next year across the country.

Rushmoor Council approved an application in March to build the store, garden centre and homes on the 16-acre site.

The DIY retailer will create 4,000 new jobs across the UK as a result of its £200million investment in a programme to open 17 new stores.

A spokesman for B&Q said that there would be a wide range of jobs available for all types of people.

"We employ both on a full-time and part-time basis to fulfil a huge number of roles, including customer assistants, check-out staff, trade experts and night shift staff. We encourage applications from people of all ages. Our oldest employee will be 90 next year."

Nygel Scourfield, B&Q divisional controller for the area, said: "The DIY market has changed tremendously in the past five years. We've seen a change from DIY to home improvement, the growth of BIY (buy it yourself), the growth of services such as installation and wider ranges of products from entry price level to products you would usually only see at specialist outlets."

The starting date for applications will be released soon, and you can apply through the B&Q hotline, by logging on to their website, or by tuning into the Job Channel.