A MOTHER and her two children are lucky to be alive after a hit-and-run driver smashed into their car while they were delivering the News.

Debbie Livingstone was helping her children Tracy and David deliver the paper in Velmead Road, Fleet, last Thursday evening.

“It was about twenty past seven and I had parked up to let my 13-year-old daughter deliver the News to a house,” said Debbie, 39.

“My daughter had just put the paper through the letterbox and was in the driveway of the house coming back to the car when we were hit.

“The car was coming towards us while we were just sitting there. I said to my 12-year-old son, who was sitting in the back seat, ‘he’s going to hit us’, and then he slid into me.

“There was a car behind him but that just drove round us both and carried on.

“The crash pushed the engine back and the front is totally wrecked. I know the car wasn’t worth a lot but it’s now a write-off.”

Mrs Livingstone tried to get a look at the car but did not get a good description because she was in a state of shock.

“All I know was that it was a white or a silver Ford Focus,” she said.

“The people in the house where my daughter was delivering the paper saw the crash and wrote down a registration number.

“The police did a check on the number, which was L967 CJH, but it came back saying it wasn’t right, so we obviously got part of it wrong.

“The driver of the car was about 45-plus and all I remember is that he had quite a high forehead.

“After he crashed into me, he reversed and then went round me. I thought he was going to pull into a lay-by or someone’s drive and sort out details but he just drove off.

“It crossed my mind that he might have been drinking but we’ll never know.

“We weren’t injured but obviously we were very shocked.

“But if my daughter had been that little bit nearer the car, who knows what might have happened.

“Thank God she was still in the garden of the house she was delivering to.

“At the time of the crash everyone was asking if I was all right and I felt fine, but now my back is really playing up,” said Debbie on Tuesday.

David added: “I was sitting in the car and it really shook me up.”

Debbie’s red Rover Metro still had its lights on and indicator flashing while parked when the crash happened.

But the smash failed to put off Tracy and David, who both attend Calthorpe Park School in Fleet.

“Once the police had finished talking to me we went home and my husband Stuart took the children out in the other car,” said Debbie.

“This was a terrifying accident and it was only the second house we had delivered to when it happened.”

Debbie, David and Tracy are pictured assessing the damage to the Metro.