JAXX nightclub in Fleet has denied that it operates a blanket ban on servicemen after it turned away a 22-year-old Army medic and his wife when he showed his identity card.

The soldier, Pte N Pearson, had just returned from a gruelling three-month tour in Kabul when he tried to enter the club with his wife and some civilian friends.

"I was told that Her Majesty's Forces are not permitted into the club," he told the Star. "The doorman said that this was house policy and he had no further explanation."

Pte Pearson said he later phoned the club and asked for an explanation. A woman told him: "I don't know -we just don't. We never have done."

He added: "I would like to ask why a well mannered, smartly dressed, sober, 22-year-old with no criminal record and in the service of his Queen and Country can risk his life for this nation but cannot take his wife to a nightclub in it?"

At the club a spokesman said not all servicemen were barred.

"It depends on their attitude when they arrive at the club -we judge everyone," he continued. "Under the licensing laws of this country you have the right to refuse anyone as long as you don't go against race, creed or religion. I have the right to invite whoever I like into my club and that is basically it."