BURGER King has submitted a second application to open a restaurant on the Jolly Farmer roundabout in Camberley.

Last year it wanted to turn the former Mongolian Barbeque restaurant into a drive-through burger bar.

Residents led by Philip Bulmer of Portsmouth Road gathered a 200-signature petition against that plan.

But now the company has applied again for a restaurant without a drive-through facility.

Mr Bulmer, now chairman of residents action group Keep Jolly Safe, is stressing to every objector that they will have to write new letters and gather fresh petitions to affect Surrey Heath Council's decision on the second application.

He added: "It is really important that this is done if we want to stop them building on this roundabout."

The residents fear Collingwood College students might be hurt crossing the A30 to reach a Burger King, and that it could cause more road crashes due to extra traffic.

Peter Seabrook-Harris of Gainsborough Close wrote to Burger King with his objections.

He said: "This triangular piece of land is effectively a roundabout, being totally enclosed by the A30.

"This makes it quite unsuitable for the high-volume, high-traffic market that Burger King will seek to attract."

A year ago he saw his daughter's car written off there, and he believes the problem is that drivers approaching uphill from Bagshot misjudge the junction.

He added: "If Burger King proceeds with these plans it could lead to serious injuries and fatalities."

Mr Bulmer said the roundabout is a key part of the local road system and is used extensively by the emergency services.

He believes Burger King could put both applications to the development control committee in April, and added: "We still have some time, thank goodness, to get everyone to sign a new petition for the second application and to carry on with our campaign.

"We are still opposed to the development, even without the drive-through facility."

Fran Bennie, a former Surrey Heath councillor and a Portsmouth Road resident, said: "I have seen a list of all the people who have objected and there are people from all over the borough, not just in the Portsmouth Road area.

"It is obviously a point a lot of people feel strongly about."

Mr Bulmer added: "Ideally we would like the roundabout to just stay as a roundabout and not have any restaurant or pub in the middle of it.

"Having an establishment like this in the middle of a roundabout just encourages pedestrian accidents. I think it's very dangerous."

To comment on the new proposal write to the Chief Planning Officer, Surrey Heath Borough Council, Surrey Heath House, Knoll Road, Camberley, or e-mail development_control@surreyheath.gov.uk.